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Haven Makes First Move: Partners with Industry Heavyweights

Haven, the highly-secretive JP Morgan Chase, Amazon., Berkshire Hathaway joint effort with a mission to, “transform health care to create better outcomes and overall experiences, as well as lower costs for you and your family” has made it’s first official foray into the market. Beginning in 2020, the 30K JP Morgan employees in both Arizona and Ohio along with Amazon employees in a handful of other states will have the option of enrolling in the Haven-plan, backed by health-payer heavyweights Cigna & CVS/Aetna.

While little is know of the new Haven-plan, early reports indicate the plan won’t have a deductible, will have a wellness component with monthly rewards and copays for common care coming in somewhere between $15 to 110.

Haven spokesperson, Joe Evangelisti described the plan as a, “Simplified medical plan…(that) is designed to provide clear costs so employees and their families know exactly what they’ll pay before receiving health care.”

Further plan identified plan highlights include:

  1. Fee Preventative Care

  2. No coinsurance or deductible

  3. $15 copays for visits to in-network primary care doctors

  4. Flat fee w/fixed copays for medical services, procedures and prescription drugs

  5. Annual out-of-pocket maximums

Haven’s first move may not have met the ballooning-anticipation, although there’s good reasons to expect future action. Specifically, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon previously noting and dismissing any concern over Haven’s irritation of well-established payers and noting


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