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4C Digital Health Celebrates 4th of July

4C Digital Health wishes you a happy 4th of July! This holiday commemorates the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Our Founding Fathers wanted to have complete autonomy and self-direct their union to ensure prosperity for their citizens. This declaration has since been used as a model for other nations around the world.

This holiday, 4C would like to reflect on our commitment to independence, which was inspired by the Founding Fathers. We stand alone and unconflicted from carriers when delivering unbiased service to our clients. Why is this independence crucial to fiduciaries? Without it, fiduciaries wouldn't be able to achieve full transparency and control over their healthcare data.

This independence means freedom from contracts that limit oversight and separation from parties that have vested interests in opposition to yours. Our mission is to serve clients with our proprietary solutions that cannot be found anywhere else in the marketplace. This complete suite of solutions helps liberate clients from the restraints of the modern healthcare system. We hope 4C’s Declaration of Independence is a model for the healthcare industry and inspires fiduciaries to seek sovereignty for the great benefit of their members.

Please join us in celebrating 4C’s Declaration of Independence:

4C Digital Health is committed to remaining independent from any real or perceived conflict of interest when serving our clients. Our team has vowed to act in the sole and exclusive benefit of self-funded employers. This pledge to remain unconflicted is uncommon in the industry, but extremely important for us to deliver an unbiased perspective. In accordance to our commitment to clients, we hold the following as our guiding principles:

• Healthcare should be transparent • Self-funded fiduciaries deserve unconflicted oversight • The purchasers and recipients of healthcare should control the system

Sign our short contact form and declare your independence today!


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