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Why Human Resources Has to Be Data-Driven

Lisa Buckingham speaks to the importance of using data to drive decisions while running a complex HR function. She explains that presenting great ideas without supporting data does not work in this business environment. Data lays the groundwork for measuring the success of an initiative. If data shows that you can save money, it’s a win-win because then you can invest in other areas.

As HR has become more strategic and complex, Lisa recommends:

1. Making sure you have a strong partnership with the Head of Compensation and Benefits.

2. Making sure your team is digging deep into the cost of programs.

3. Looking for places to eliminate or reduce cost.

4. Being an innovator.

The videos above are excerpts from the conference, "Managing Healthcare Costs in the Digital Age". Thanks to George Murphy for facilitating the conversation. To learn more, listen to the podcast below:


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