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Leadership Team Updates

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

4C Digital Health, the only fully independent company that provides a range of products including Data Supervision, Financial & Operational Controls, and Utilization & Spend Analysis to self-funded employers, welcomes Jeff Kays as EVP of Public Sector.

Jeff was the Principal in the Commercial Group serving as leader of the Global Client Management and Channel Partners group at Buck. While there, he was able to strengthen and grow client relationships in delivering on the promises of the social contract between clients and their workers. Jeff has over 30 years of cross industry experience in senior executive transformational consulting and operational differentiation. Prior to joining Buck, Jeff served in Accenture as a Managing Director of Technology Services and Operations for 24 years; and two years driving Transformational Initiatives at Sabre Holdings.

Jeff reveals, “Joining 4C is the culmination of a 7-year process of interaction and evolution. I believe it is providential that I am joining a like-minded company that believes everyone has a right to rigorous management and a transparent understanding of their healthcare spend.”

4C Digital Health is excited to bring better solutions to the public sector with Jeff on board. 4C believes fiduciaries deserve better solutions that will bring clarity to the claims process. By doing so, the waste that is rampant in the current system will be exposed, which will reveal how crucial it is for leaders to embrace financial accountability and supervision. Jeff and team are excited about working with governments to give them the unprecedented ability to understand and control their claims data that is long overdue.

Jeff states, “We expect in the next 5 years to be the gold standard that will initiate a transformation that drives down costs and increases the quality of the outcomes being paid for by taxpayers across America.”

Joining Jeff to spearhead the evolution is George A. Murphy, who recently has been promoted to EVP of Commercial Marketplace. Being a nationally recognized expert in compensation and benefits, George is the perfect fit to empower employers to gain real access, true insight, and proactive control over their claims data—independent of any third party. George will continue to provide 4C Digital Health’s proprietary suite of solutions and excellence to private equity, large to mid-size corporations, legal firms, and consultants.

George explains, “It's exciting to be part of 4C Digital Health's continued growth. This was the natural next step of the evolution of our company. This will provide us with the ability to serve our client base more effectively. As our commercial clients realize the need for a truly independent advisor to help them certify that they are in compliance with the CAA of 2021 we are poised for an outstanding year.”

4C Digital Health is the only fully independent company that is transforming self-insured healthcare plans from a great unknown into something that can be understood and controlled.


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