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We transform your self-insured healthcare plan from a great unknown into something you can understand and control.


Clarity | More Transparency

Own the data

Clarity represents our clients’ understanding of the information necessary to manage their self-funded plans.  Knowledge is power, and unobscured access to data is key to effective oversight.  Knowing what data is available, absent, or being obscured is the first step to understanding how a plan is performing as well as what opportunities may lay hidden.

Cost | More Opportunities

Understand the drivers

Once the full spectrum of data is understood, opportunities are identified and can be prioritized for action.  Whether the opportunity resides in provider or vendor dynamics, 4C enables our clients to better understand where to focus their efforts.


Control | More Power

Lead the change

Tailoring a targeted remediation strategy enables 4C clients to address unmet needs.  4C clients are empowered to channel resources to maximum effect by taking control of their data.  Highly customized strategies are possible through unprecedented insight into high value interventions.

Compliance | More Confidence

Measure the impact

Compliance ensures the controls employed have the intended impact. Keeping score of targeted interventions, such as point solutions, is essential for managing plan investments.  Whether the goals are lower costs, improved clinical outcomes or a combination of the two, understanding results is critical for continuous improvement. Truly fulfill your fiduciary obligation pursuant to ERISA.  We help self-insured employers reduce their exposure to substantial liability.


4C Symphony is the ultimate data platform for health plan benefit administrators to implement and manage a digital strategy. The platform includes a comprehensive and fully integrated array of analytics, data management, and collaboration tools that empower you to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Discover our Solutions

4C has the only complete suite of solutions created to break through the utter chaos of today’s healthcare payment ecosystem, empowering self-insured employers to eliminate claims data silos and activate change.

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