Christin Deacon Featured on Compliance Perspectives Podcast

Updated: Feb 28

Christin Deacon, Executive Vice President of 4C Digital Health, continues to spread awareness about the fiduciary duties of plan administrators, vendors and health plans. She recently was a guest on the Compliance Perspectives Podcast to educate listeners that under ERISA many actions in the self-insured world have to be performed for the best and sole interest of the beneficiaries and the plan.

Healthcare billing is complex and prone to payment mistakes. In this segment, Christin emphasizes the importance of exercising your legal right to own your claims data and utilizing it to properly fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities. She shares how unfiltered access to your data leads to better overall accountability and oversight. Furthermore, she advises how a fiduciary can only function as a responsible plan administrator by having firm financial controls.

Listen to her discuss how to honor the fiduciary duties of your self-funded plan: