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Alan Gilbert

SVP Business Strategy

Alan has vast experience, insights, and domain expertise to guide business development and commercial success. He is passionate about innovation and discovering new ways to solve old problems in health.

Alan is an attorney skilled in communications and public affairs, community engagement and social impact, policy analysis, strategic planning, and government affairs. He helps businesses identify new and cutting-edge growth opportunities and develop strategies that embrace and deliver results-oriented returns. He has worked with companies to add value through creative and entrepreneurial thinking in an environment where old ways have failed, and market forces create opportunities for new business models in health to improve outcomes and costs.

Starting his career in Washington, D.C. at the intersection of health policy and politics, he rose to senior level positions in Congress and the White House. Alan was a leader in health policy speaking on behalf of the President on issues ranging from the adoption of electronic health records to private insurance and public health.

As a senior executive at GE, he worked with the global CEO and other leaders to drive new solutions and growth in health, and his work led to creating formal corporate venture, new business model opportunities and visionary work around population health and social impact.

Most recently, he led a new effort for Anthem to create innovative, value-based strategies with operationalized focus on the drivers of health -- the social and economic conditions such as housing, employment, food security, transportation and education that influence individual and community health.

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