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Lisa Buckingham

Chair of the Compensation Committee

With over 25 years of seasoned leadership in Human Resources, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record of transformative HR practices to 4C Digital Health. Lisa is President of Ellig Group, an executive search and leadership advisory firm based in New York City.

As a fellow of The National Academy of Human Resources and a distinguished graduate of Georgetown University, her deep commitment to integrity and innovation aligns seamlessly with 4C Digital Health's mission to revolutionize transparency in the healthcare market through cutting-edge data analytics.

Lisa's career is marked by a fervent dedication to enhancing employee experiences and driving strategic growth through thoughtful HR and Benefits strategies. "I am thrilled to join 4C Digital Health and contribute to a vision that empowers healthcare transparency and efficacy," Lisa states.

"My passion for pioneering HR practices that support business objectives and change lives will guide my efforts at 4C. I am committed to ensuring our compensation strategies reflect our values and advance our goals of honesty and clarity in healthcare.”

Residing in Pennsylvania with her husband and son, Lisa's leadership role at 4C Digital Health is anticipated to foster significant advancements in how the company innovates and operates, setting new standards in the industry.

Lisa Buckingham
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